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Falkon VoIP gives Wings to your Business: Direct Routing for MS Teams

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Falkon VoIP give wings to your business

Reaching out to customers to resolve their queries and issues has never been easier in this modern era of business communication. It can be done via a variety of channels like texting, calling, or emailing. There are many factors as to which is the best way you can contact your stakeholders. For example, if you must convey a message or reminder, a simple text or email would do. On the other hand, if the matter is urgent and needs attention at the earliest, calling would be the best way to get the job done.

According to surveys, most customers prefer to speak with company representatives rather than a bot because it is easier for them to interact. Calling can be a good option for reaching out to customers. The most cost-effective technology that can be used for it is VoIP.

VoIP in Business

VoIP in business

VoIP is a term for a business phone service that allows you to make phone calls straight from your computer or mobile using the internet, unlike traditional landline phone services. Or simply calls made via the Internet. VoIP for business, as opposed to the old school costly phone configuration, has become an ideal phone solution for enterprises. Traditional phone bills can be reduced while getting a more powerful business phone system. VoIP services, unlike traditional landline phone services, use the internet to receive and make calls.

For calling and managing the call data, various platforms can be used. There are independent VoIP calling software or one can use MS Teams by enabling external calling on it. It can be done either via Microsoft-licensed calling plans or with the help of efficient third-party ty software that costs a fraction of what a landline would cost.

You can also VoIP-enable your landline for external calling without any hardware change. Using VoIP for calling can take your business communication to next level. You can target and engage customers better and provide them immediate support for your product and services.

As mentioned earlier, business communication becomes smooth if you complement business VoIP with sms capabilities. According to the matter, you can toggle between VoIP and SMS to reach your customers better.

Falkon VoIP for Business Communication

Falkon VoIP for business communication

There are various third-party applications and tools that provide VoIP services, but Falkon VoIP is the one we recommend. You are probably wondering why Falkon VoIP is better than the other options. We will make it easy for you.

  • Cost-Effective: Every business plans to save its business cost. If you go for Microsoft E5 calling license, it will charge your business around $35-40 a month and the plan does not even include unlimited calling. Our calling plans, on the contrary start at just $14.99 per month which is nearly a third of what third party vendors charge.

  • Microsoft Integration: As the saying goes, compatibility is everything. Without any additional licenses or software, our software can be easily integrated into Microsoft Teams. You can simply use our services to enable your existing Microsoft Teams number for external calling.

  • SBA Infrastructure: Direct routing enable us to connect our SBC to the traditional phone system (PSTN) and allows us to use MS Teams as a full-fledged phone system (PBX). Our Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) infrastructure will make sure you can make calls even when the Microsoft cloud is down.

  • Microsoft-certified SBC: Yes, you read that correctly. Microsoft partners with select vendors and certifies that their Session Border Controllers (SBCs) work well with Direct Routing. This ensures you will not face any issues with compliance while using our app with Microsoft Teams.

  • Customer Support: We'll be there for you all the time. Quite literally. Our global network allows us to cater to customers across time zones. We ensure that you always receive the assistance required for the problem you are experiencing. Our joy comes from solving all your business communication problems and standing alongside you on your growth journey.

  • Additional Utility Features: Our features' list just goes on and on and on. We ensure that your business communication is seamless and hassle-free with features like call queues, call forwarding, call handling, and call reports.


Falkon VoIP business communication partner

Calling your customers for marketing and support can significantly change the course of your business's growth, and you can save money by doing so with VoIP. And for VoIP, there are a lot of third-party service providers, but we are the answer to the question: "Who do you choose as your business communications partner?"

Falkon VoIP provides you the expertise, the functionalities, the features and the commitment to stay with you till the end. Let’s start this journey now.

Considering you have set up other core aspects of your business and are looking for a robust and reliable communication partner, there is only one thing left to say... You are a nine out of ten, and we are the one you need!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our services:

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