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Understanding External Calling in Microsoft Teams

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

External calling in MS Teams

If you google “Microsoft Teams”, you will be greeted with [key]words like: calling, meeting, collaboration. You will also see a definition that revolves around the fact that Teams is a business communication platform offering workspace chat and video-conferencing.

But seldom it is mentioned that Microsoft Teams also supports calling external phone numbers! Yes, you heard it right. In fact, read it twice for the effect: You can make 'External calls' using Microsoft Teams!

But hold on.. To use external calling in MS Teams, you need more than your standard O365 license. However, if your organization uses Office 365 E5 License, then you are almost good to go. Any other license requires you to have an add-on plan called Microsoft Phone System license to enable external calling in MS Teams.

Before we go on about how we take MS Teams closer to a Unified Communications (UCaaS) tool, you should know that there are two ways to go about external calling in MS Teams:

If you are wondering why you have been hearing about ‘Direct Routing’ in MS Teams a lot recently, it’s because direct routing provides you with more control over your infrastructure and fewer dependencies on Microsoft and all this at, [wait for it].. affordable rates!

If you are still not convinced of my little pitch there, you can always compare Microsoft’s calling plans with a direct routing solution here.

And now [finally!], if you can handle it.. *drum roll*

Falkon VoIP is ready to give superpowers to your MS Teams experience! [Tadaaaa!]

But we kid you not. Below is the list of superpowers you can have with a Falkon VoIP plan:

Unlimited calling minutes:

Unlimited call minutes

You can stop worrying about the minutes' restrictions and focus on your conversations. Truly unlimited domestic calling [no strings attached!].

Call queues:

Customer service representatives handling a call queue

It's not the calling alone.. You can also set up various call queues according to your organizational needs. So, you can say ‘sayonara’ [or bye-bye] to the legacy infrastructure and say ‘Hello!’ to the Falkon infrastructure which is all about control and convenience!

Call controls:

Call controls

You can forward your calls, have conference calls planned and transfer calls across your organization without a hassle. [Wow. I know right!]

Call reports:

Call reports

With our curated reports every month, you will get to see the activity across your teams. Helping you understand the productivity across your teams!

What else? If you are looking for more, this is the place to find it.

So, what’s stopping you from diving in for the Falkon experience!? [Don’t tell it’s your current calling plans.]

Interested? Book a meeting with us today!

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