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All about Microsoft-certified SBC for Direct Routing

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Microsoft Certified SBC for Direct Routing

SBC acts as a firewall between private and public networks. To be more precise, let's take an example: if your business is calling an external number using a VoIP phone (or MS Teams), then SBC ensures the line between your business network and your carrier network is safe and secured so that the message is delivered smoothly.

There are a lot of SBCs out there in the market, but not everyone can provide their service (to MS Teams). Microsoft has a certified list of SBC's providers only which are allowed to provide their service for Direct Routing (This is one of 3 ways to enable external calling). So, let's start off with some questions you might have in your mind:

Why do we even need SBCs?

When you use direct routing to enable external calling, SBC helps you communicate your company's network with a public network. SBC also allows you to mitigate threats and protect your network from DoS attacks, thus ensuring any malware attack protection.

Why doesn't Microsoft approve all the SBCs?

Because Microsoft cares about your security. So, to eliminate SBCs that still have loopholes (from where hackers can get access to your network), Microsoft only approves providers after going through a rigorous testing process.

How does Microsoft select SBC providers?

Microsoft performs intensive tests using a 3rd party lab, and only devices that pass these tests will get approval. Even after the approval, Microsoft runs daily tests with all certified devices in production to run the new version of SBCs in the cloud.

Benefits of Certified SBCs:

  • Quality: If you ever faced any issue of drop calls, poor quality of calls, etc., during your business communication, then SBC is the solution to your problem. SBC improves the quality of your call by analyzing traffic and then optimizing your route so the speed of the internet packets can be increased.

  • Security: SBC uses Access Control List and various encryptions that limit the traffic entering through the firewall. SBCs also update their protocols timely to ensure that no security breach happens.

  • Reliability: A firewall alone is not enough to ensure your communication journey is smooth. Therefore, SBC prevents your network from any unwanted hindrance, and it also makes the communication consistent and reliable.

With carefully process to eliminate inefficient SBCs and allow select certified SBCs to support direct routing in MS Teams, Microsoft has made it easier to choose third-party providers which can enable a seamless calling experience.

If you are looking for third-party providers to integrate direct routing in MS Teams with SBA infrastructure to ensure smooth working even when the Microsoft server is down, you can reach out to Falkon VoIP's team.


Having a certified SBC can prove crucial for your business communication. After the detailed discussion on how choosing a MS-certified SBC makes sense, you must be wondering how you can get the best SBC to be incorporated into your organization. This gets easier with Microsoft's list of certified SBCs.

Or you can choose a reputed direct routing service provider with the best SBC in place, so it solves your problem automatically. To cut your search short, we offer Direct routing with one of the best SBCs already in action. If you want to explore more about it, click here.

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