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What are VoIP Phones and how do they work?

What are VoIP phones

A VoIP phone is a hardware or software-based telephone to make calls over an IP Network; in more simple terms it is like any other phone that makes and receives calls using the internet.

It has features and capabilities that are not available on regular analog phones or landlines. They will work no matter where you are as long as you have internet and are not connected to a specific place. Another perk is that you can make phone calls from your computer using an app; technically, you don't even need a phone.

Key Features of VoIP Phones

List of VoIP phones features

Various features come with VoIP phones that can grow your business:

  • Automated attendants: This feature routes incoming calls to the relevant extension without the need for a receptionist.

  • Caller IDs: It allows you to identify who is calling you and helps you prevent SPAM calls.

  • Call Queuing: Instead of instructing incoming callers to hold, this feature places them in a queue.

  • Custom Ringback: When an incoming caller is waiting to speak with someone, it allows you to create a series of messages accompanied by a unique jingle.

  • Call Flipping or Pulling: This feature allows you to transfer an ongoing call to a new device and continue the conversation without losing time.

  • Audio or Video web conferencing: This feature allows you to communicate with teammates who are either far away or close by.

  • VoIP Integrations: Integrations help organizations, even small businesses to operate in a centralized manner.

  • Call Monitoring: This feature monitor calls between the customer and the agent to ensure that the agents are following proper quality assurance practices.

  • Transcriptions Feature: It's ideal for taking follow-up notes during meetings or phone conversations rather than trying to recall the entire conversation.

  • Call Analytics: Here, AI tracks calls and extracts vital data that can be used to improve customer experience as well as guide and construct Sales & Marketing strategies.

VoIP phone vs landline: Is VoIP better than landline

You might be thinking about whether you should keep your current landline or move to VoIP phones for your business. Landlines have begun to lose their utility and are gradually disappearing from people's lives. We'll try to explain why VoIP phones are superior to landlines, so here we go:

  • VoIP Phones are more cost-effective than landlines.

  • VoIP Phones have additional features on their base plan.

  • VoIP Phones can call landlines, laptops, and several devices simultaneously and sequentially.

  • Scaling a VoIP Phone is easier

  • Minimal interruptions from external services while calling from VoIP Phones.

So, now that you've seen how VoIP Phones outperform Landlines and if you're convinced that VoIP is the way to go for business communication, head over to Falkon VoIP and sign up for a free trial to see how it can benefit your company.

VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business in 2022

The top VoIP phone models currently on the market are listed below. Choose one for your business or home office, and you'll be getting one of the best VoIP phones on the market.

Best VoIP phone models you can find in the market

  1. Cisco SPA 303: It is a powerful and cost-effective alternative for any business; it supports three phone lines and includes all of the necessary call handling functions.

  2. Polycom VVX 601: It is a premium VoIP Phone System that supports 16 Phone Lines and a 4.3" touchscreen supporting features such as video conferencing and more.

  3. Cisco 7900 IP Series: In comparison to the Cisco SPA 303, it has certain additional functions, such as full IP capability for connecting computer and phone networks.

  4. Grandstream GXV327: It has succeeded to integrate an Android operating system into a regular VoIP phone, making it ideal for video conferences.

  5. Alcatel-Lucent 8028S Premium Desk Phone: The 8028S is designed to integrate corporate communications by focusing on audio rather than video conferencing.

  6. Vtech VSP736: It's a good mid-range alternative for businesses looking for dependable phones at a fair price, with six lines and call recording for posterity.

  7. Ooma DP1-T: With unlimited countrywide calling, it's one of the greatest solutions for working from home.

Do you need a VoIP phone to use VoIP?

This question is frequently asked when a company wants to transition from landlines to VoIP, but the answer is no. VoIP does not necessitate its physical infrastructure; it can be used with just a software program. The softphone application could be downloaded and installed, and users could use it to make free or low-cost calls.

Small firms with three or four employees will find it useful because they can save costs by not purchasing VoIP phones instead of using the software program. There may be add-on capabilities with VoIP phones that can assist large businesses, but they are never necessary.


Switching from landlines to VoIP phones can raise several questions, which we have attempted to address to assist you in making the best decision for your company. VoIP phones make communication more accessible and efficient, allow employees to work more flexibly, and provide advanced features not available with traditional phone systems. You can never go wrong with VoIP or VoIP Phones, and if you're looking for a reliable provider, look no further than Falkon VoIP.

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