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Why do you need a certified SBC for Direct routing?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Why do you need certified SBC for direct routing

Welcome to the future! Human communication has evolved from cave paintings to cloud telephony. Cave paintings might have become extinct but, cloud telephony is here to stay. It has been the fastest form of communication being adopted by both enterprises and SMBs alike. The adoption rates to cloud telephony have increased exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic vowing to the remote working conditions. Keeping this in mind let us understand what Session Border Controllers (SBC) in cloud telephony means.

What is an SBC?

what is an SBC

Session Border Controllers act as gatekeepers deployed at network borders. They facilitate a smooth transfer of data in packets within the 2 systems used for communication. For example, if you are using Falkon VoIP Direct Routing to call an external number, SBCs ensure the line is secured and clear between you and the external user and efficiently deliver data from Falkon VoIP to the PSTN network. If you are still confused just consider SBC as a decisive that keeps order in all of your communications. When we say communication, it can be a video call, an instant message, a direct routing call, etc.

We at Falkon VoIP provide direct routing for MS Teams and having a certified SBC placed will help you boost the quality and efficiency of the call placed. SBC uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to connect Microsoft Phone System to the public network.

What is a certified SBC?

what is a certified SBC

Microsoft works closely with vendors which provide SBCs to verify and certify that their infrastructure is working for Direct Routing with Teams. The Microsoft team works with each vendor to verify the below parameters:

  1. The functionality of SIP interconnection protocols.

  2. Microsoft conducts intense tests using a 3rd party lab and devices that pass this test are only certified.

  3. Microsoft also runs daily tests with all certified devices.

Benefits of using SBC

benefits of using SBC

SBCs bring a lot of control to your cloud telephony infrastructure maintaining the quality of service, reliability, and security. SBCs are responsible for protecting our communication flows, and they apply rate-limiting, encryption to prevent Denial of Service attacks (DoS). SBCs also provide great reliability across platforms. They transcode audio and video codecs in real-time to connect to different platforms instantaneously.

With Cloud telephony you will get a chance to take your business to the next stage, it will become a unified communication platform for your organization and also reduce your maintenance costs for your legacy telecom infrastructure.

Falkon VoIP helps you bridge the gap and reach the cloud with our direct routing route. Talk to us to know more!

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