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VoIP Calling vs. MS Teams Calling

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Comparing Hosted VoIP vs. MS Teams calling

Calling is an integral part of communication in most businesses, from analog phones to using MS Teams & VoIP for calling. Also, the gradual shift towards internet calling has popularized many platforms which provide the best calling services in the industry, making it difficult for organizations to decide on a single calling platform that suits their needs.

To make your job easier, we have compared two of the most sought-after platforms for calling: Microsoft Team vs. Hosted VoIP.

You should read this article if your organization:

  • Using MS Teams calling and looking for a better platform with a calling feature.

  • Using Hosted VoIP services and considering shifting to MS Teams.

  • Don’t use any UCaaS platforms and are searching for tools that fit your communication goals.

  • Currently using any Hosted VoIP services.

But before we go deep into this debate, we will first set the context by explaining MS Teams calling and VoIP. If you already know these concepts, you can skip those parts and go directly to the comparison.

What is VoIP?

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows your computer to make calls or send multimedia content over a broadband internet connection. Simply, VoIP is a voice call facility over the internet.

VoIP has gained significance in the day and age of the internet as many small businesses have already shifted to using VoIP as a tool to manage all their external calls. One of the primary reasons for such a shift is reducing the cost of phone bills using VoIP over regular analog phones.

Organizations using VoIP can reduce their company’s phone bills by up to 60%, while the percentage of savings will differ from company to company.

What is MS Teams calling?

As you are aware that MS Teams is a collaborative communication platform used mostly by organizations for internal and external messaging, meetings, file sharing, and much more.

But the real question is: Does Microsoft Teams have VoIP?

The answer is a big Yes. You can either purchase calling plans directly from MS Teams as a part of the Business Voice License or use a direct routing partner to connect your external phone lines with Microsoft Teams.

The MS team calling plan has an exhaustive list of features compared with Hosted VoIP, which can be easily integrated into your existing MS Teams application.

MS Teams calling vs VoIP

Although MS Teams Calling and VoIP have a lot of similar features, they have a few significant differences, which might be a deal-breaker in deciding which service you must choose.

Below we have listed down a few of those differences (by comparing Teams calling with top VoIP platforms) based on which you can decide which one you should go for.

Features being offered

In terms of features, there is not much difference between MS Teams and VoIP.

But if your organization is using MS Teams then buying a Microsoft license will give you access to a storage facility, advanced analytical tools, office apps, and many other features like these in just one place. Also, it will reduce the time spent switching between applications which you would rather face if you use VoIP.

According to a study done by Psychology Today, switching between tabs can reduce the productivity of an employee by 40%. This makes MS Teams a better option if you want one solution for all your communication needs.

User Experience

The user experience of MS Teams is unparalleled compared to any other VoIP software. Most of the prominent organizations in the world use MS Teams for its smooth user experience, which fits perfectly with the need of each organization.

VoIP software falls behind in this regard as they are owned by small private entities which lack the latest technology and expertise to provide a smooth user experience.


Since all the organizations work differently, it is harder to integrate new technology into existing processes, including educating the workers regarding the use of new technology.

MS Teams is better at integrating with the existing technology because most organizations already use MS Teams for communication, making it easier to add a calling feature into MS Teams than using a separate VoIP software.


So, now your mind must be wobbling out of these platforms, which is the best for your organization. Don’t you worry, we’ll make it clear to you in a simple and more straightforward manner.

For the most simple, easy, and cost-effective solution for all your business communication needs, you should, without any thought, go for MS Teams as a solution.

When we talk about Hosted Web Services, on the contrary, it requires a hell lot of technical expertise and resources, which might create an issue for businesses with limited resources and funds.

However, the only downside of MS Teams calling plan is that it will give you only 3,000 minutes for domestic calls.

But we have a solution for that, you can now integrate FalkonVoIP with your MS Teams which will provide you with the same host of features as teams calling plans, and that too with unlimited calling at just $14.99.

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