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MS Teams vs. Landlines for Business Communication

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Teams or landlines for business

Many businesses are changing away from traditional office-based working patterns and toward work-from-home or hybrid modes, which presents issues when using the Landlines for day-to-day business communication. There is, however, Microsoft Teams, which can be used to replace the entire business phone system with a managed cloud service, allowing employees to be far more productive for such a modest expenditure.

How do Businesses work with MS Teams?

how businesses work with MS Teams

MS Teams is already being used by businesses for video conferencing, file sharing, and messaging. Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing is a function within Teams that enables businesses to connect external phone lines and utilize Teams as an office phone system.

You can use Microsoft Teams just as you would a regular phone, and you can do so from any device that supports Teams and from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and even add Calling Plans that fit your business needs.

Will Landlines be Phased out?

Will landlines be phased out

When we claim that landlines will be phased out, we are going too far. There may be certain modifications that can be made to landlines, such as texting features (Falkon SMS makes your landline text enabled).

When it comes to continuing to use the landline, businesses face the following limitations:

  • Woefully poor choice for placing long-distance calls.

  • Spammers may use landline lines to make unwanted calls of various types.

  • The landline is fixed in one place, which is inconvenient.

  • Difficult to connect it with the internet and can cost a lot.

With the addition of features that lessen workload while increasing productivity, it appears that switching to MS Teams VoIP is a better option than continuing to use a landline for business communication.

How did MS Teams VoIP come into the picture?

How did MS Teams VoIP come into the picture

Earlier, when Skype was the leading player in the VoIP marketplace, Microsoft recognized the value of VoIP when it bought Skype in 2011 and integrated VoIP technology into the app.

Microsoft Teams VoIP for businesses offers a wide range of benefits that can make your business productive.

Increase in the efficiency of the In-App Calls

Communication is essential when dealing with customers. MS Teams is meant to encourage interaction through features such as online meetings, chat messaging, and screen sharing, and when combined with VoIP, the entire platform morphs into the ideal communication medium. There is no need to switch between applications to change the communication channel; everything can be managed through the MS Teams App, reducing distraction and providing a lean working environment.

Phone Calls Made Easy using MS Teams Mobile App

The Microsoft Team Mobile App now supports VoIP calling, allowing you to not only make and receive calls while on the go, but also join one-on-one conversations, schedule meetings, and communicate in group chats. The MS Teams Apps feature also allows you to search for more members or directly enter a number. You can even contact with any MS Teams member who is not affiliated with the organization.

Minimal Pricing

VoIP has lowered phone bills to a fraction of what they were previously. In addition, at this price, you get the following additional features:

  • Queue ability

  • Call Transfer

  • Call from any device using MS Teams

  • For up to 250 users, the audio conferencing facility 

You can even choose to host your VoIP calls on the cloud.

HD Voice Quality

MS Teams ensures that you always get crystal-clear, HD Quality Calls by utilizing Microsoft's Azure cloud technology to transmit data. It offers the impression that both end-users are conversing while sitting almost next to each other.

Auto Attendants

Auto Attendants implies that the incoming caller receives a virtual list of audio prompts that assist them in connecting to the right person by allowing callers to write from their keyboard or speak. Their options include routing the call to another auto attendant, a staff member, or a call queue.

Give Superpowers to MS Teams

MS Teams with super features

Now, with third-party vendors that provide direct routing options, you can make your Microsoft Teams a unified communication platform wherein all your communication can happen in one place. You need not go outside Teams for any calling, be it internal or external. One such third party vendor is Falkon VoIP Direct Routing, which provides the following features:

  • Unlimited calling minutes

  • Modern Business Texting Capabilities

  • Better Global Coverage

  • 24/7 dedicated support for queries

  • SBA support for cloud outages

Integrations can be complicated, and the purpose of expanding your voice and collaboration capabilities is to provide you with all of the current communications features you want without the complexity. However, when MS Teams VoIP enters the scene, this becomes much easier, especially with the ability to integrate Direct Routing. Landlines have been around for a long time, but with innovation entering the picture and customers seeking a more personalized and comfortable experience, it is the ideal choice to go with MS Teams VoIP.

Do the necessary homework to take advantage of all the benefits MS teams has to offer your business. When choosing Microsoft Teams Direct Routing third party vendor, work with a provider with substantial Microsoft experience (Falkon VoIP).

To know more and sign up for a free trial, you can visit

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